Last mile delivery

With QuickCommerce on the rise, one of the pain points in supply chain management and transportation planning is the Last Mile Delivery. This is the last leg of the journey of a product and involves its movement from the retailer to the recipient's door. Last-mile always aims to fulfil the delivery as fast as possible and has many challenges, including cost, transparency, and efficiency.

Traditional courier services have been operating under an entirely different operating system and are now facing difficulties to survive in the increasing expectations of e-commerce. Every retailer is trying to offer an impeccable shopping experience to their customers, and Last Mile delivery is the final piece of the puzzle. Technology and data are essential to provide low delivery fares, with full traceability of the route and reliability in delivering within the promised timeframes. Svelta Courier was developed during the pandemic and had been growing ever since. We have all seen many food delivery drivers in the streets; the main difference between food delivery and delivering other retail products is the expectation of customers. When someone orders food, they expect it to be delivered within 30 minutes. However, when ordering eye lenses, this is not the case most of the time. Customers can be just as satisfied if they have the product delivered to them within 2 hours, within the same day, or even within the next few days. Last-mile delivery companies like Svelta can take advantage of this situation, schedule and route the deliveries according to the customer's preference and therefore, creating optimization opportunities. There are barely any optimization opportunities with food delivery because each driver needs to be allocated to do the pickup and drop-off within tight time deadlines.

last mile delivery

Svelta has increased the number of deliveries a driver can fulfil within an hour by more than four times. Using a lot of geospatial data (including traffic, distances, our network fleet's workload, our driver's vehicle type etc.), we can accurately estimate our capacity to onboard new rides with certain time restrictions and make those options only available to the customers. I.e., our dynamic booking engine only allows bookings for rides that we can guarantee delivery within the promised timeframe.

Furthermore, with the use of pre-printed, pre-paid QR codes, retailers and their customers can track their whole Last-Mile journey over the internet. Being a technology company at heart, Svelta strives to offer the best user experience and the most reliable service to retailers and customers and will continue to innovate and be at the forefront of Last-Mile delivery solutions.